How do you look to new customers?

How do you look to new customers?

Would you call your company from the information you have on your website?

This is the first contact you have with new customers so it is very important that you sell yourself to the full using your Website.

  1. Have you a full description of your Business?

  2. Are all of your qualifications and experience listed?

  3. Are you updating your Ratings to show the quality of your work and to show you are still doing quality work? Check your Ratings here

  4. Are you adding new photos of up to date work?

If you feel you have done all of the above and you feel your Website looks professional and is an added feature to your business (it will also be found in Google searches) then Congratulations - you can look forward to getting calls from customers.

If you have not, then it is time to fix your Website.

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